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Meet Miss Universe 2023's Married Marvel: Camila Avella's Inspiring Journey!

19 Nov 2023



Miss Universe 2023 embraces inclusivity, welcoming married women like Camila Avella, challenging stereotypes and setting new standards.

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Trailblazing Change


In a candid talk with HOLA!, 28-year-old Camila Avella expresses her excitement about the groundbreaking changes in Miss Universe 2023.

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Exclusive Interview


After a setback in 2018, Camila Avella returns to Miss Universe, now married and with a family, breaking norms and embracing the challenge.

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Return and Triumph


Changes in competition rules empower married women like Camila to participate, encouraging diversity and reflecting a more inclusive pageant landscape.

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Empowered by Rules


Camila's dream to represent Casanare comes true as she becomes the first woman from her department to win the Miss Colombia crown.

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Dream Realized


Camila Avella, deeply connected to her roots, shares her passion for representing Casanare, expressing pride in her upbringing and cultural heritage.

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Cultural Pride


Camila's husband plays a crucial role in her journey, emphasizing the essence of teamwork in marriage, supporting each other's goals and dreams.

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Family Support


Despite societal expectations, being a mother fuels Camila's drive, proving that women can surpass limitations and achieve remarkable goals, breaking stereotypes.

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Motherhood and Success