Natalie Portman's Unmatched Character Roles!

By Ashwin Sonwane 02/12/23

Photo: David Bellemere for Parfums Christian Dior 


A chameleon on screen, transforming into captivating characters. Discover her most iconic roles!

Natalie Portman

Photo: New York Times

Portman's rise to fame in Star Wars as the powerful Padmé Amidala.

Math prodigy to Queen Amidala

Portraying the dark side of ambition in Black Swan, earning her an Academy Award.

From ballerina to Black Swan

Embodying courage and resilience in V for Vendetta's dystopian future.

Evey Hammond

Portman's emotional depth shines as Jane Foster in the Thor franchise, from scientist to Mighty Thor.

Jane Foster

 Exploring forbidden love and obsession in Closer, a testament to her dramatic range.

Annie Savoy

An intimate portrayal of grief and resilience in Jackie, showcasing her historical depth.

Jackie Kennedy

Portman's powerful voice advocating for social justice and environmental causes. Beyond acting, a force for change.

Social Justice & Environmental Activism