60-Year-Old Miss Buenos Aires Alejandra Rodriguez Paves the Way for Change in Beauty Pageants

60-Year-Old Miss Buenos Aires Alejandra Rodriguez wearing red dress

Breaking Age Barriers: 60-Year-Old Alejandra Rodriguez's Historic Journey in Miss Universe Pageants

In a groundbreaking moment for beauty pageants, 60-year-old Alejandra Rodriguez has made history as the first sexagenarian to win the title of Miss Buenos Aires, a contest under the Miss Universe franchise. Although her journey to becoming Miss Argentina ended on Saturday, Rodriguez’s participation marks a significant shift in societal perceptions of beauty.

Rodriguez’s remarkable achievement was a global sensation when she was crowned in April, and her story continued to inspire as she competed for the Miss Argentina title. Despite not securing the top spot, Rodriguez did win the “Best Face” category, underscoring her influence and the impact of her participation.

“This is the first step of a change that is coming,” Rodriguez told CNN en Español. A seasoned attorney and journalist, Rodriguez hopes her involvement will be a catalyst for broader changes in how beauty is perceived. “I think exterior beauty is always the main focus. I don’t think it’s wrong to select a beautiful woman, but maybe the concept of beauty needs to expand,” she explained.

The Miss Universe organization’s recent rule changes made Rodriguez’s participation possible. Previously, contestants had to be between 18 and 28 years old as of January 1 of the competition year. Starting in 2024, there is no upper age limit, allowing Rodriguez and other older contestants to compete.

Rodriguez praised the rule changes as a positive step towards inclusivity. “It was a change that is positive, I think it is little by little, like all changes,” she said, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be the first older contestant. This shift is part of a broader effort by the Miss Universe pageant to modernize its image and embrace diversity.

In addition to removing the age limit, the 2023 rule changes also allowed married women, divorced women, and mothers to participate for the first time in the pageant’s 70-year history. These changes signal a move towards a more inclusive and representative definition of beauty.

“There was also a 40-year-old woman who participated, another who is 37. It’s like the limits are already expanding,” Rodriguez noted. “There were women who are mothers, things that were unthinkable before in Miss Universe.”

Rodriguez’s journey, though not culminating in the Miss Argentina title, signifies a significant challenge to the traditional stereotypes of beauty, age, shape, and weight in pageants. The winner, Magalí Benejam, who is 29, would have previously been too old to compete under the former rules, highlighting the ongoing transformation within the pageant industry.

Rodriguez’s participation and the broader changes within the Miss Universe franchise are hopeful signs that beauty standards are evolving. As society begins to embrace a more inclusive and diverse understanding of beauty, the impact of Rodriguez’s groundbreaking run for Miss Universe will likely be felt for years to come.

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