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Miss Universe 2023: 6 Bold Beauty Game-Changers!

19 Nov 2023



At 28, Michelle Cohn, a mother of two, challenges norms. As a model, entrepreneur, and swimwear brand founder, she empowers deaf women, fostering equality and redefining beauty.

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Michelle Cohn, Miss Guatemala


Breaking barriers, 28-year-old Avella, a journalist and model, embraces motherhood. Actively empowering young mothers, she offers financial guidance and mental health support.

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Camila Avella, Miss Colombia


Kollé, the first transgender Miss Netherlands, advocates for equality passionately. Triumphing over nine finalists, she boldly denounces bullying, fostering a world of acceptance.

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Rikkie Valerie Kollé, Miss Netherlands


At 28, Machete, a flight attendant, made history as the first transgender Miss Portugal. Her commitment to equity and kindness shines through, overcoming challenges with courage.

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Marina Machete, Miss Portugal


At 22, Garrett redefines beauty standards as Miss Universe's first body-inclusive contestant. Advocating for mental and hormonal health, she celebrates all shapes and sizes.

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Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal


As the first Miss Pakistan, 24-year-old Robin battles gender bias. A model standing up for her beliefs, she challenges inequality, proving beauty knows no boundaries.

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Erica Robin, Miss Pakistan


The Miss Universe 2023 beauty pageant stands as a symbol of inclusivity, where these six remarkable women have left an indelible mark, redefining beauty and inspiring generations to come.

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