Angelica Ross Accuses AHS Co-Star Emma Roberts of Transphobia

Angelica Ross Accuses Emma Roberts


In a recent development that has shocked Hollywood, notable transgender actress and activist Angelica Ross has accused her American Horror Story co-star Emma Roberts of transphobia and prejudice. Ross has claimed that Roberts frequently misgenders her and disparages her transsexual identity. While Roberts has not yet responded to these serious allegations, her representative has vehemently denied them. Ross’s experience serves as a sobering reminder that transphobia still exists in society, especially in the glitzy entertainment sector. This event highlights the critical need for advocacy, education, and outreach to fight transphobia and make the world a more accepting place for transgender people.

Understanding Transphobia

Before delving deeper into this distressing situation, it is crucial to understand what transphobia entails. Transphobia refers to the prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against transgender individuals. This discrimination can manifest in various forms, including misgendering, verbal abuse, physical violence, and the denial of access to essential services and opportunities. Transgender people often face systemic barriers and societal biases that hinder their ability to live their lives authentically and without fear.

The Importance of Speaking Out Against Transphobia

Speaking out against transphobia is of paramount importance because it is a deeply ingrained issue that can have devastating consequences for transgender individuals. The emotional toll of transphobia can lead to isolation, depression, anxiety, and, tragically, even suicide. Shockingly, a 2015 study by the National Center for Transgender Equality found that 40% of transgender adults had attempted suicide at some point in their lives, a rate nearly nine times higher than the general population. These statistics underscore the critical need to address and combat transphobia.

Supporting Trans People: What Can We Do?

To create a more inclusive world for transgender people, there are several concrete actions we can take:

  • Education and Respect: Begin by educating yourself about trans issues and respecting transgender people’s identities. Recognize that their gender identity is valid and deserves respect.
  • Using Correct Pronouns and Names: Use the correct pronouns and names for transgender individuals. If you are unsure, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for someone’s pronouns rather than making assumptions.
  • Challenging Transphobia: Challenge transphobia whenever you encounter it. Whether it’s in your social circles or online, confronting negative attitudes and stereotypes is crucial in dismantling discrimination.
  • Supporting Trans-Led Organizations and Enterprises: By promoting transgender voices and transgender-led organizations and enterprises, you help create a more inclusive economy.
  • Donating to Trans Charities: Consider donating to charities and organizations dedicated to supporting transgender individuals. These contributions can have a significant impact on improving the lives of transgender people.

Angelica Ross's Allegations

Celebrity actress Angelica Ross, known for her appearances in Pose and American Horror Story, accused her co-star Emma Roberts of transphobia and prejudice on Instagram. Ross claims Roberts repeatedly misgendered her and made disparaging remarks about her transsexual identity. She also asserts that when challenged about her actions, Roberts did not provide an apology.

Social media users are outraged by these allegations and are demanding that Roberts be held responsible for her behavior. It is significant to note that Roberts has not yet addressed these accusations as of the time of writing, but her spokesperson has openly refuted them.


The Impact of Transphobia

Transphobia has far-reaching effects in addition to its harmful comments. As was already noted, it can cause mental health problems including sadness and anxiety and even drive transgender people to consider and try suicide. Furthermore, transphobia can significantly impede one’s ability to obtain basic opportunities and services including housing, jobs, and healthcare due to their gender identification.

Creating a More Inclusive World for Trans People

Each of us has to do our part to make the world truly inclusive of transgender people. In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, we may promote legislation and policies that defend the rights of transgender persons. Supporting laws that expressly forbid discrimination based on gender identity in contexts including housing, work, and healthcare is one way to do this.


Transphobia is still a serious issue in society, especially in the glamorous world of Hollywood, as Angelica Ross’s brave choice to speak out against Emma Roberts’ claimed transphobia provides as a clear reminder. We must address this issue as a whole since transgender people continue to experience misgendering, prejudice, and violence.

By raising awareness, educating ourselves, respecting transgender identities, and combating transphobia, we can work to make the world more tolerant of transgender people. By doing this, we can help make sure that everyone, regardless of gender identity, is treated with the respect and decency they deserve. To enable everyone to live honestly and fearlessly in a society that celebrates diversity, we must all work together to put an end to transphobia, which has its origins in prejudice and ignorance.

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