Anorexic YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Sparks Concern Over Worryingly ‘Thin’ Figure in New Video Amid Her Eating Disorder Battle

Eugenia Cooney

Introduction - Eugenia Cooney

The YouTube community is once again buzzing with concern as YouTuber Eugenia Cooney’s recent TikTok video sparks worry over her extremely thin appearance. With over 16.8 million views, the video has drawn attention to Cooney’s ongoing battle with an eating disorder. Fans and viewers are expressing their concern and compassion, hoping she seeks the help she needs. This comes in the wake of another tragic event in the entertainment industry, where a vegan raw food influencer recently passed away from starvation and exhaustion.

The Fashionable Barbie-Inspired TikTok

Eugenia Cooney, known for her fashion content on YouTube with more than 2.13 million subscribers, shared a TikTok video on July 21 that caused widespread concern. Dressed head-to-toe in a hot pink outfit, she playfully introduced herself as Barbie. While some appreciated her fashion sense, others couldn’t help but notice her worryingly thin figure.

Internet Personalities Express Concern

Internet personality Oli London reposted the TikTok video, expressing worry over Cooney’s appearance. Users flooded the comments section with messages of concern, expressing worry about her health and well-being. Some users even compared her condition to “knocking on death’s door,” emphasizing the severity of the situation.

A History of Concern and Controversy

Cooney’s journey into the spotlight began in 2013 when she started sharing videos of her extremely thin body. Although her beauty tutorials gained her a dedicated fanbase, it also sparked concern among many viewers. In 2016, some fans started a petition calling for her removal from YouTube, stating that her thinness was triggering for her audience.

A Battle with Eating Disorders

In 2019, Cooney appeared in a documentary on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel, where she bravely admitted to struggling with an eating disorder and discussed her experience with rehab. Despite the challenges, Cooney emphasized that she never intended to harm anyone or promote unhealthy habits.

Call for Positive Support

As Cooney continues her battle with an eating disorder, she urges people to show kindness and support rather than judgment. She emphasizes that eating disorders and mental illnesses are not choices, and understanding and compassion can make a significant difference.


Eugenia Cooney’s recent TikTok video has once again raised concerns about her health and well-being as she continues to fight her eating disorder. The YouTube community and fans express their worry and hope for her to seek the help she needs to recover. In a world that often judges appearances, Cooney calls for a more positive and supportive approach to mental health struggles.

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