5 Powerful Reasons Why Brooke Burke Chose Faithfulness Over Temptation on Dancing With The Stars


Brooke Burke, a former model, actress, and television personality, has had a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. However, her most notable achievement came on the reality show “Dancing With The Stars” when she clinched victory in 2008 alongside her partner Derek Hough. While this achievement marked a high point in her career, a recent revelation by Burke has added a new layer of intrigue to her time on the show. In a candid interview, Burke admitted to being tempted to have an affair with Derek Hough, her dance partner.

She described their connection as “more intimate than making love in a bedroom.” In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this temptation, the dynamics of dancing partnerships, and the importance of staying faithful to your partner.

Why was Brooke Burke tempted to have an affair?

Several factors contributed to Brooke Burke’s temptation to have an affair with Derek Hough during their time on “Dancing With The Stars.”

  1. Intensive Time Together: Burke and Hough were practically inseparable during their tenure on the show. They spent long hours rehearsing for their dance routines, and the rigorous schedule often meant working together every day. In addition to the rehearsals, they embarked on tours together, further intensifying their proximity.
  2. Physical Closeness: The nature of ballroom dancing necessitates physical closeness. Burke and Hough’s routines required them to touch, hold, and move closely with one another. The physicality of their performances created a level of intimacy that was hard to ignore.
  3. Attractive Personalities: Both Brooke Burke and Derek Hough are not only talented dancers but also exceptionally attractive individuals. Hough’s charm and good looks, coupled with Burke’s background as a former Playboy model, undoubtedly added to the chemistry between them.
  4. Pressure and Competition: The pressure of competing on a high-stakes show like “Dancing With The Stars” can be immense. Both Burke and Hough were striving to win the competition while simultaneously managing their careers in the entertainment industry. This shared pressure could have heightened their emotional connection.
  5. Marital Struggles: Burke’s then-husband, David Charvet, played a role in her temptation. Charvet’s jealousy of her success and discomfort with her spending so much time with Hough may have driven him to encourage her to get closer to her dance partner. He may have seen this as a way to support her or perhaps as an opportunity to further his own career.

Brooke Burke's husband, David Charvet, encouraged her to get closer to Derek Hough

Intriguingly, David Charvet, Brooke Burke’s husband at the time, encouraged her to develop a closer bond with Derek Hough. His encouragement might have stemmed from various motives, including his own insecurities about their relationship, the hope that Burke’s success on the show would benefit him professionally, or simply a desire to be supportive, even if he didn’t fully grasp the pressures she faced.

Brooke Burke resisted the temptation to have an affair with Derek Hough

Despite the strong temptation, Brooke Burke ultimately chose to resist the urge to have an affair with Derek Hough. She recognized the moral and emotional implications of such a decision and didn’t want to jeopardize her marriage or family. Several factors likely contributed to her ability to resist temptation:

  1. Strong Faith: Burke is a devout Christian, and her faith plays a significant role in her life. Her commitment to her religious beliefs likely served as a guiding force in making the right decision.
  2. Independence and Strength: Burke is known for her independence and strength of character. She isn’t easily swayed by external factors and has a clear sense of self.
  3. Family Commitment: Above all, Burke is deeply committed to her family. She understood the profound consequences an affair could have on her loved ones and was determined not to inflict that pain.

The Connection Between Dancing Partners on "Dancing With The Stars"

The intense connection between dancing partners on “Dancing With The Stars” is a well-documented phenomenon. Spending extensive time together, engaging in physically demanding routines, and working toward a shared goal creates a unique bond. This bond is often likened to the intensity of a romantic relationship, given the time and energy invested.

However, it’s important to recognize that the connection between dancing partners isn’t always romantic. Many partners successfully maintain a professional relationship even if there’s mutual attraction. The ability to separate professional and personal boundaries is a testament to their professionalism.

The Importance of Staying Faithful to Your Partner

Burke’s decision to resist temptation highlights a critical lesson: the importance of staying faithful to your partner. Infidelity can cause immense pain, damage relationships irreparably, and lead to dire consequences such as divorce.

  1. Respect: Staying faithful is a sign of respect for your partner. It demonstrates that you value the relationship and are committed to maintaining it.
  2. Trust: Faithfulness fosters trust, a cornerstone of any healthy relationship. When you’re faithful, you’re trusting your partner to reciprocate that trust.
  3. Love: Ultimately, faithfulness is an expression of love. It communicates your love for your partner and your desire to be with them, even when tempted by external factors.

In conclusion, Brooke Burke’s temptation to have an affair with her dance partner on “Dancing With The Stars” offers a compelling insight into the dynamics of intense partnerships and the importance of fidelity in relationships. Her ability to resist temptation, guided by her faith, strength, and commitment to her family, serves as a powerful example of making the right choices in challenging situations. Ultimately, staying faithful to your partner is a testament to the respect, trust, and love that underpin strong, lasting relationships.

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