Bryson Tiller Drops Bombshell: New Self-Titled Album Coming April 5th!

Bryson Tiller Self-titled album

Discover Bryson Tiller's Musical Journey: Anticipation Builds for His Self-Titled Album Release on April 5th!

Hey, R&B enthusiasts! Get ready to vibe with Bryson Tiller because he’s back with a bang. The Grammy-nominated artist has just unveiled some thrilling news about his upcoming album, and it’s bound to send fans into a frenzy.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a full-length project from Tiller. Four years, to be exact, since his last album, “Anniversary,” hit the airwaves. But fear not, because the wait is almost over. Bryson Tiller is gearing up to drop his self-titled album on April 5th, promising something truly special.

In an exclusive chat with Complex, Tiller spilled the beans on what fans can expect from his highly anticipated fourth studio album. He described it as a journey through his musical evolution, encompassing a blend of R&B-infused tracks that showcase his versatility and growth as an artist.

Tiller’s journey in the music industry hasn’t been without its challenges. Despite achieving early success with hits like “Don’t” and his debut album “Trapsoul,” he’s faced his fair share of criticism and self-doubt along the way. Reflecting on past experiences, Tiller emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself, a lesson he learned the hard way during the making of “True To Self.”

But now, Tiller is in a confident headspace, ready to show the world what he’s truly capable of. With his latest singles, like the rap-infused “Whatever She Wants,” gaining traction, he’s proving that his talent knows no bounds.

One thing fans can look forward to is Tiller’s signature sound, with the artist teasing a mix of R&B vibes and rap verses that highlight his unique style. And while the album will feature a guest appearance from the talented Victoria Monét, Tiller is keeping the spotlight firmly on himself this time.

But perhaps the most surprising revelation from Tiller is his plan to take a hiatus from music after the album’s release. He’s set his sights on a new passion: video game design. It’s a move that might catch some off guard, but for Tiller, it’s all about following his heart and pursuing what makes him happy.

So mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the musical world of Bryson Tiller on April 5th. With his self-titled album on the horizon, it’s clear that Tiller is ready to leave his mark again and show the world exactly who he is.

Stay tuned for more updates and let’s countdown the days until Bryson Tiller’s album drops!

UPDATE: The new single ‘CALYPSO’ is here.

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