Cherry Glazerr Announces New Album ‘I Don’t Want You Anymore’: ‘Songs I’ve Dreamed of Making’


Cherry Glazerr has exciting news for fans as they announce the upcoming release of their highly anticipated album, I Don’t Want You Anymore. Set to drop on September 29, this record marks a significant milestone in the band’s journey, arriving four years after their last release, Stuffed and Ready. The album is co-produced by frontwoman Clementine Creevy and Yves Rothman, known for his exceptional work with Girlpool and Yves Tumor. According to Creevy, this project represents a new level of maturity and self-actualization for Cherry Glazerr, as they delve into deeply personal and introspective themes.

A Mature Album: Cherry Glazerr Finds Themselves Fully-Actualized

In a recent press release, Clementine Creevy described the upcoming album as a mature offering that captures the essence of Cherry Glazerr, fully-actualized. After spending years reflecting on herself and her relationships, Creevy poured her emotions and experiences into this album. She confesses that the songs on I Don’t Want You Anymore are ones she has dreamed of making. With a raw and honest approach, Creevy confronts her own vulnerabilities, coming to terms with her own flaws and insecurities.

Unveiling the Lead Single: Soft Like a Flower

Accompanying the album announcement, Cherry Glazerr shared their lead single, Soft Like a Flower. The song is accompanied by a captivating video that showcases the artist in a beautiful garden setting. In this track, Creevy’s vocals blend seamlessly with longtime bandmate Sami Perez, as they deliver powerful lyrics. The chorus echoes the emotional depth of the song, with Creevy singing, “Soft like a flower, like me. I’m high on your something. Fortune it turns, like a wheel. I like you killing me.”

Exploring the Depths of Relationships and Personal Growth

“I wanted this album to be just heart and soul. Completely exposed,” shared Clementine Creevy about I Don’t Want You Anymore. The album delves into the tumultuous nature of relationships, capturing the anguish and toxicity that can come from being deeply affected by another person. Creevy reflects on the process of letting go and surrendering oneself to someone else, while also acknowledging the danger of losing one’s own identity in the process. The album embodies a journey of self-discovery and growth, as Creevy faces her own vulnerabilities head-on.

Tracklist: A Harmonious Fusion of Sound and Emotion

The I Don’t Want You Anymore album features an incredible lineup of tracks that showcase Cherry Glazerr’s versatility and creativity. Here is the full tracklist:

  1. Addicted to Your Love
  2. Bad Habit
  3. Ready for You
  4. Touch You with My Chaos
  5. Soft Like a Flower
  6. Sugar
  7. Golden
  8. Wild Times
  9. Eat You Like a Pill
  10. Shattered
  11. I Don’t Want You Anymore

The Return of Cherry Glazerr: An Anticipated Comeback

After a four-year hiatus, Cherry Glazerr is making a powerful comeback with I Don’t Want You Anymore. This album showcases their evolution as musicians and highlights the depth of their creative expression. With the help of co-producer Yves Rothman, Cherry Glazerr has crafted a collection of songs that encapsulate their growth and personal experiences. Fans can expect an album that is both introspective and cathartic, with themes that resonate deeply with listeners.

Don’t miss out on the release of Cherry Glazerr’s new album, I Don’t Want You Anymore, on September 29. It’s an emotional journey you won’t want to miss!

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