Country Duo Karli & James Set to Take You on a “Someday Dreaming” Journey with Their Second EP

Karli and James- Nashville-based Karli & James- Someday Dreaming- New EP

Get ready for a musical adventure as Nashville-based Country duo Karli & James announce the launch of their much-awaited EP, Someday Dreaming, on July 21, 2023.

Shared Dreams, Unwavering Friendship: Karli & James Begin Their Melodic Voyage

In the heart of Nashville, a serendipitous encounter in 2015 brought together two souls destined for greatness. Karli & James, the power couple married since 2019, embarked on a musical journey that would fuse pure country music with the raw essence of indie rock. Their signature “Leather and Lace Country” sound was born—a harmonious blend of country charm and rock ‘n’ roll spirit, complemented by roots that run deep and an edgy touch of truth.

Celebrating Milestones: "Someday Dreaming" EP Launch on July 21

As they mark the 5th Anniversary of their first EP, “Beginnings,” Karli & James are thrilled to announce the official launch date for their second EP, “Someday Dreaming,” on July 21. This promising collection of tracks showcases their growth as songwriters and artists, with each song co-written by the duo along with talented artists and songwriters like Adam Wheeler, Mary Kutter, Porter Howell, Brady Seals, Bryan Austin, and Brian Alexander. Notably, this EP also marks James’s debut as a solo producer, adding a new dimension to their creative collaboration.

Harmonious Duo, Inspiring Friendship: Creating Music as a Shared Dream

For Karli & James, the experience of creating music together is akin to living a shared dream. The unbreakable bond of friendship they share is a driving force that inspires and challenges them, making their musical journey truly fulfilling. As they put it, “There’s a special kind of magic in being on this music journey with your best friend.” Their emotional connection not only influences their lyrics but also enriches their musical exploration, breathing life into their performances and recordings.

A Rhapsody of Recognition: Karli & James Win Hearts and Awards

The Nashville duo’s exceptional talent and unique sound have earned them recognition and accolades from esteemed platforms like Billboard, CMT, and MusicRow. Their early singles struck a chord with listeners, finding spots on popular playlists such as Spotify’s “New Music Nashville” and Apple Music’s “Country Wide.” Their debut single, “Mercy,” soared to the top of the CMT Music 12-Pack Countdown and even secured them an opening slot on Brandy Clark’s UK and US tours.

Melodic Roots and Rocking Influences: Karli & James' Musical Evolution

Karli, drawing from her traditional Country music roots, brings her emotive soprano voice and a passion for songwriting that harks back to her early days performing in her parents’ Truman Lake Opry Show. On the other hand, James, hailing from the UK, seamlessly blends his indie rock influence with a natural flair for creating radio-ready hits. Their evolving sound, prominently showcased in “Someday Dreaming,” exudes an organic and live feel that pays homage to their musical origins while embracing the future.

A Harmonious Journey on Stage: Karli & James' Electrifying Live Performances

Beyond the studio, Karli & James excel in captivating live performances that have left their mark on historic venues across Nashville and the United States. The duo’s powerful chemistry on stage ignites a spark that resonates with audiences, creating an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts. Catch them live as they take the stage on their upcoming dates, which you can find on their website and social media sites.

The Final Note: Uniting Hearts through Music

In a world that craves connection, Karli & James have mastered the art of uniting hearts through their soul-stirring music. Their second EP, “Someday Dreaming,” promises to take you on a melodic voyage that traverses the landscapes of love, friendship, and dreams. So mark your calendars for July 21 and immerse yourself in the magical world of Karli & James’ “Leather and Lace Country” sound. Let the music speak to your soul and set you on a path of “someday dreaming.”

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