My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Review: A Disappointing Sequel Analysis

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 review
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 review


Last summer, Nia Vardalos brought us back to the picturesque island of Corfu with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” a sequel to the sleeper hit from 2002. While it’s understandable that Vardalos wanted to revisit the beloved Portokalos family and their zany antics, this third installment falls far short of capturing the magic of the original. In this review, we’ll delve into the reasons why “Greek Wedding 3” fails to live up to its predecessors and explore the missed opportunities in this latest outing.

The Fading Charm of the Portokalos Family

The heart of the original film was the quirky and endearing Portokalos family, led by the late Michael Constantine as the patriarch. In “Greek Wedding 3,” his character is reduced to a posthumous presence, leaving a void that’s never fully filled. The absence of Constantine’s warmth and humor is palpable, and his character’s journal becomes a weak narrative device to propel the story forward.

Returning Characters, Familiar Stagnation

Toula (Nia Vardalos), Ian (John Corbett), and other key characters make a return, but their development feels stagnant. Ian’s blandness is as prevalent as ever, and even the college-age daughter, Paris (Elena Kampouris), can’t escape the grip of uninspired storytelling. Nick (Louis Mandylor), Frieda (Maria Vacratsis), and Voula (Andrea Martin) reprise their roles, but their presence adds little to the plot, and they are often relegated to one-dimensional gags.

A Lackluster Romance

In the midst of the family chaos, one might expect a romantic subplot to inject some life into the film. Unfortunately, “Greek Wedding 3” falls short in this department as well. Paris’s potential romance is uninspiring, and the chemistry between characters is sorely lacking. The film fails to capture the romantic charm that made the original so endearing.

Missed Opportunities for Humor

With the Portokalos family reuniting and encountering new characters, there are ample opportunities for humor. However, the film’s attempts at humor often feel forced and lack the clever wit of the original. Instead of exploring the complexities of family dynamics, the humor resorts to tired cultural references and uninspired jokes about Greek stereotypes.

Direction and Editing Woes

Nia Vardalos wears multiple hats in “Greek Wedding 3” as the star, screenwriter, and director. While her passion for the project is evident, her direction and editing choices leave much to be desired. Scenes lack cohesion, with abrupt changes in character positions and motivations. The film’s framing and continuity issues are noticeable, distracting from the narrative.


“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” is a disappointing follow-up to the beloved original. While the picturesque locations of Corfu provide some visual appeal, the film lacks the heart, humor, and character development that made the first installment a hit. The absence of key characters and the failure to capitalize on the potential for rich intra-family humor make this sequel feel like a missed opportunity. Nia Vardalos’ attempt to recapture the magic of the Portokalos family falls flat, resulting in a lackluster and forgettable addition to the series.

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