Paris Hilton Plans an Unforgettable First Birthday for Son Phoenix and Talks Grey Goose Partnership

Paris Hilton talking about Motherhood
Photo: Access Hollywood


Paris Hilton, known for her glamorous lifestyle and entrepreneurial ventures, recently opened up about her life as a mom to her son, Phoenix Reum, and her exciting partnership with Grey Goose. In a candid interview with Access Hollywood, she shared her thoughts on motherhood and her plans for her son’s upcoming first birthday celebration.

Paris Hilton's Joyful Motherhood

Paris Hilton is relishing her new role as a mother, gushing about her love for her husband, Carter Reum, and their son, Phoenix. In her own words, “I love being a mom. This has been such a beautiful experience. He just lights up my world. Nothing makes me happier.” The celebrity couple is building precious memories together, and Paris couldn’t be happier.

First Birthday Party Plans

Despite being a mom for just nine months, Paris Hilton is already planning an extravagant first birthday party for her son, scheduled for January. She envisions a delightful gathering, featuring a petting zoo and an invitation extended to cousins and friends. Paris intends to make this a truly memorable occasion, reflecting the love and joy Phoenix has brought into her life.

Phoenix's Milestones

Paris also shared some of Phoenix’s recent milestones, revealing that he is taking swimming and music classes. The music classes are particularly special, as they involve cousins and their babies coming together at Paris’s house. The children engage in musical activities, surrounded by neon lights, tambourines, and a collection of toys. It’s an adorable sight that underscores the importance of family and early childhood development in the Hilton-Reum household.

A-List Playdates Await

While Phoenix is enjoying quality time with family, Paris hinted that he hasn’t had any A-list playdates just yet. Given Paris Hilton’s extensive network and celebrity connections, it’s only a matter of time before Phoenix joins the ranks of celebrity kids in exclusive playdates.

Paris's Creative Role with Grey Goose

In addition to her role as a devoted mother, Paris Hilton has embraced the title of Creative Director of Martini Cocktails for Grey Goose. For Paris, this role is a natural fit as she has always been a fan of martinis. She expressed her enthusiasm for the product, noting that Grey Goose’s Classic Martini Cocktail simplifies the process by providing all the necessary ingredients in a bottle. Stir, shake, pour, and enjoy—a testament to Grey Goose’s commitment to convenience and quality.

Exciting Ad Campaign

Fans of Paris Hilton and martini enthusiasts will soon have something to look forward to. Paris is set to showcase her mixology skills in an upcoming ad campaign for Grey Goose’s Classic Martini Cocktail, scheduled for release in November. Her involvement in this campaign is sure to bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to the world of cocktails.


Paris Hilton’s life has taken a beautiful turn with the arrival of her son, Phoenix. She’s planning a remarkable first birthday celebration, filled with love, family, and friends. Simultaneously, her role as Creative Director of Martini Cocktails for Grey Goose is another exciting venture in her career. With her unmatched style and charm, Paris Hilton continues to make headlines, both as a devoted mother and a prominent figure in the world of entertainment and business.

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