Sharon Stone Reveals Pressure from Producer Robert Evans to Sleep with Billy Baldwin for ‘Sliver’ Chemistry

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Sharon Stone has unveiled the identity of the producer who coerced her into engaging in a sexual relationship with her co-star in the 'Sliver' movie.

In a recent episode of Louis Theroux’s podcast, Hollywood icon Sharon Stone bravely unveiled a disturbing incident from her past, shedding light on the pressure she faced from producer Robert Evans during the production of the film “Sliver” in 1993. Stone’s revelation brings to the forefront the dark realities lurking behind the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

In a courageous act of transparency, Sharon Stone, renowned for her captivating performances in Hollywood classics like “Basic Instinct” and “Casino,” recently lifted the veil on a distressing episode that had remained concealed for decades. During a candid conversation on Louis Theroux’s podcast, Stone recounted a harrowing encounter with producer Robert Evans, exposing the insidious coercion she endured while filming “Sliver” in 1993.

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The star of "Basic Instinct" recounted how producer Robert Evans insisted that sleeping with Billy Baldwin would be the saving grace for their film "Sliver."

Stone’s narrative begins with a summons from Evans to his office, a seemingly innocuous request that quickly unravels into a grotesque proposition. There, amidst the opulence of Evans’ office, Stone found herself subjected to a surreal scenario: Evans, adorned in sunglasses reminiscent of bygone eras, fervently advocated for her to engage in a sexual liaison with her co-star, Billy Baldwin. The reason, as Evans purported, was to infuse the on-screen chemistry between Stone and Baldwin with a newfound intensity, purportedly salvaging the film’s prospects.

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Stone recalled Evans' assertion that if she slept with Billy Baldwin, it would lead to an improvement in Baldwin's performance.

The actress, renowned for her steely resolve both on and off the screen, was understandably taken aback by Evans’ audacity. She recounts her incredulity at the notion that her professional merit could be overshadowed by the whims of a producer fixated on manipulating interpersonal dynamics for cinematic gain. Stone’s recollection serves as a stark indictment of the toxic power dynamics endemic within the film industry, where creative autonomy often succumbs to the caprices of influential figures.

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Stone expressed frustration with filmmakers who disregarded her casting preferences, which she believed could have circumvented the issue with Baldwin entirely.

Stone’s frustration extended beyond the confines of Evans’ office, echoing the sentiments of many women who have found themselves navigating a labyrinth of systemic barriers. She lamented the filmmakers’ dismissive attitude toward her casting suggestions, which she believed could have circumvented the need for coercive measures altogether. Drawing a sharp contrast between her experience with Baldwin and her collaboration with Michael Douglas in “Basic Instinct,” Stone underscored the inherent misogyny that underpinned Evans’ directive, a stark reminder of the double standards ingrained within Hollywood’s patriarchal hierarchy.

The renowned director and producer passed away in 2019 at the age of 89.

Stone’s revelation reverberates far beyond the confines of her personal narrative, transcending the realms of celebrity gossip to illuminate broader societal issues. In exposing the exploitation she endured, she confronts an industry rife with entrenched power differentials and systemic injustices, challenging the status quo with unwavering resolve.

As the echoes of Stone’s truth reverberate through the corridors of Hollywood, they serve as a clarion call for accountability and systemic change. Her courage in confronting the ghosts of her past exemplifies the resilience of survivors and emboldens others to speak truth to power, dismantling the barriers that have long hindered progress toward a more equitable future.

Sharon Stone’s journey from silence to solidarity embodies the transformative power of storytelling, igniting a collective reckoning with the darker realities of fame and fortune. As we bear witness to her truth, we are reminded that the pursuit of justice knows no bounds and that every voice, no matter how small, has the power to effect profound change.

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