We Designed the Barbie Movie Set—Margot Robbie Is an Absolute Doll


Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a movie like Barbie, in which the talented Margot Robbie plays the lead role? To put it plainly, the process is incredible. Let’s explore the creative process that brought Barbie to life on the big screen, from the storyline to the set design.

1. Greta Gerwig's Vision: Creating Barbie's Authentic Artificiality

From the beginning, Greta Gerwig’s goal for Barbie was quite clear: “Authentic artificiality.” It was difficult to bring the famous toy to life while keeping it feel realistic and authentic. From the beginning, Greta Gerwig’s goal for Barbie was quite clear: “Authentic artificiality.” It was difficult to bring the famous toy to life while keeping it feel realistic and authentic.

2. Making Barbie Come Alive: Margot Robbie's Doll-Like Performance

Margot Robbie, the star of Barbie, delivered a stunning performance, capturing the essence of a toy coming to life. The film showcased moments where Barbie behaved like a toy, such as jumping off the roof instead of using stairs. These touches made the characters feel more believable in their dream world.

3. Behind the Scenes: Crafting Barbie's Magical World

The process of creating Barbie’s world was no small feat. The team meticulously designed sets that were 23% smaller than regular houses to emphasize the toy-like proportions. This attention to detail extended to props, like giving Margot Robbie a giant hairbrush.The end result was a universe that both the actors and the viewers found engaging and tangible.

4. Missoma's Heart Necklace: A Star in Its Own Right

Margot Robbie’s heart-shaped necklace from Missoma, featured in the movie, became an instant hit. Fans can register for the item’s replenishment even after the exact piece has sold out. Similar heart-shaped lockets are available from Missoma and can be personalised, giving them the ideal finishing touch for ensembles inspired by Barbie or a lovely present for any fan of the doll.

5. Secrets to the Doll-Perfect Look: Jasmina Vico's Skincare Magic

Achieving that doll-perfect skin for the actors was no small task. The skin-health expert for the movie, Jasmina Vico, promoted beautiful skin from the inside out with a holistic strategy that includes milk-thistle tea, kefir, and goat milk. Her skincare secrets ensured the stars glowed on-screen and off.

6. Greta Gerwig's Reaction to Barbie Movie's Massive Success

When Barbie was released, it became the most popular film of the year and the finest debut for a female filmmaker working alone. Greta Gerwig, overwhelmed and excited by the global response, celebrated with fans, bouncing from theater to theater in New York City, soaking in the fabulous and strange reality of Barbie’s triumph.

7. America Ferrera's Memorable Monologue: A Work of Perfection

America Ferrera’s stirring monologue, which addressed social expectations and double standards, was one of the movie’s most memorable scenes. The scene required meticulous takes, but Ferrera’s incredible delivery left a lasting impact on the audience.

Barbie’s transition from the page to the screen was truly spectacular. Its extraordinary popularity was a result of Greta Gerwig’s vision, Margot Robbie’s doll-like performance, and the meticulous creation of Barbie’s universe. Barbie has become a legendary cinematic accomplishment as a result of the movie shattering box office records.

8. The Barbie Effect: Impact on the Fashion World

Barbie’s influence extended beyond the realms of cinema. Fashion enthusiasts and Barbie fans worldwide drew inspiration from the movie’s iconic looks, sparking trends and embracing a whimsical, doll-inspired style.

9. A New Era for Mattel: Barbie's Cinematic Universe

A new era for Mattel began with Barbie’s appearance in movies. With its grand success, the possibilities for expanding the Barbie Cinematic Universe seem endless. Fans eagerly anticipate more adventures and heartfelt stories from their beloved toy icon.

Barbie’s transformation from screenplay to screen made a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. Barbie demonstrated that dreams do come true, both on-screen and off, thanks to Greta Gerwig’s vision, Margot Robbie’s outstanding performance, and a team of committed creatives. As the globe appreciates Barbie’s charm, her legacy endures and shines.

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