When Calls the Heart Creator Reveals When the Show Will End: Hearties, Get Ready!

When Calls the Heart-Elizabeth Thatcher
When Calls the Heart-Elizabeth Thatcher


When Calls the Heart fans, your prayers have been answered! Show creator Brian Bird has finally revealed his plans for the show’s future, and it’s good news for Hearties everywhere. At the Hearties Family Reunion event on September 22, 2023, Bird said that he wants When Calls the Heart to air for “many, many seasons to come.” He even joked that he’s hoping to catch up with The Simpsons, which is currently in its 42nd season.

While we can’t guarantee that When Calls the Heart will run for 42 seasons, it’s a promising sign that Bird is committed to the show’s long-term success. With the show’s continued popularity, it’s hard to imagine Hallmark canceling it anytime soon. So, what can Hearties expect from When Calls the Heart in the years to come? Let’s delve into the exciting details.

Continuing Themes of Love, Community, and Resilience

Bird has expressed his desire to continue exploring the themes of love, community, and resilience that have made When Calls the Heart such a beloved series. These core themes resonate deeply with viewers and are a significant part of what makes the show special.

More Romance:
When Calls the Heart is renowned for its heartwarming love stories, and Bird has assured fans that he plans to continue delivering on this front. In fact, he’s even hinted at the possibility of new couples forming in the future, promising fresh and endearing romantic arcs for the characters we adore.

More Community:
Hope Valley, the picturesque setting for the show, is a close-knit community filled with memorable characters. Bird aims to continue exploring the relationships between the townspeople and is open to introducing new characters who can bring fresh perspectives and dynamics to Hope Valley.

More Resilience:
Throughout its run, Hope Valley has faced numerous challenges, but its resilient townspeople have always managed to overcome them. Bird is committed to further exploring the themes of resilience and hope in future seasons, promising viewers more inspiring stories of triumph over adversity.

Exciting Future Storylines

In addition to these overarching themes, Bird has hinted at specific storylines that have piqued his interest for future seasons.

Spanish Flu Pandemic:
Bird has expressed interest in tackling the story of the Spanish flu pandemic, offering a unique opportunity to delve into a historical event rarely explored on television. This storyline could provide a fascinating look at how Hope Valley and its residents cope with a global health crisis.

The Great Depression:
Another intriguing possibility Bird has mentioned is a storyline set during the Great Depression. This could serve as a compelling backdrop to explore the resilience and unity of Hope Valley during one of the most challenging periods in American history.

When Calls the Heart-Lucas Bouchard
When Calls the Heart-Lucas Bouchard

Character Development and Relationships

Now, let’s take a closer look at what the future may hold for some of our favorite characters in When Calls the Heart.

Elizabeth Thatcher:
Elizabeth has shown remarkable growth and resilience throughout the series. In future seasons, viewers can expect to see her continue evolving as both a person and a leader. Her relationship with Lucas Bouchard will likely be a central focus, with potential challenges and new adventures to strengthen their bond.

Lucas Bouchard:
Lucas, a complex and enigmatic character, is expected to reveal more layers of his personality in the upcoming seasons. His relationship with Elizabeth will likely continue to develop, with new twists and turns that will keep fans engaged.

Other Beloved Characters:
Fans of When Calls the Heart can look forward to seeing more of the characters they’ve grown to love, including Rosemary Coulter, Lee Coulter, Jesse Stanton, Abigail Stanton, and Carson Shepherd. Bird’s willingness to introduce new characters means there will always be fresh faces and storylines to explore in Hope Valley.


The future of When Calls the Heart looks incredibly promising. Brian Bird, a talented writer and producer, is dedicated to delivering a show that will continue to captivate Hearties. As we anticipate new seasons filled with love, community, resilience, and exciting storylines, we can rest assured that the heartwarming spirit of Hope Valley will endure.

In the upcoming seasons, we hope to witness Elizabeth and Lucas navigate new challenges, explore the evolving dynamics of Hope Valley’s residents, and potentially encounter historical events that add depth to the show’s narrative. Whether it’s the enduring love between Elizabeth and Lucas or the growth of other beloved characters When Calls the Heart is set to continue tugging at our heartstrings for many more seasons to come.

As we eagerly await the next chapters of this beloved series, one thing is certain: When Calls the Heart will continue to be a source of inspiration, warmth, and comfort for Hearties everywhere. So, get ready for more heartfelt moments and unforgettable stories in the seasons ahead.

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